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How to React After Witnessing a Crime in California

How to React After Witnessing a Crime in California

F ollowing the rules and never committing a crime doesn’t mean you’ll never find yourself embroiled in California’s legal system. Every single day, good people just like yourself find themselves getting questioned by the police, sitting through interviews with prosecutors, and attending trials all because they witnessed a crime. If you witness a crime in […]

Ignoring a Subpoena in California

Ignoring a Subpoena in California

A subpoena is a written order that says you have to appear in court. This is usually handed to you by a lawyer or an official the court has appointed. Subpoenas can be issued for both criminal and civil court cases. Once you’ve received a subpoena, you have no choice but to appear in court. […]

Owning a Gun After a Felony Conviction


S ome people don’t realize that they lose the right to own a gun after they’ve been convicted of a felony. It doesn’t matter what type of felony you were convicted of, once that is on your record you’re not allowed to own a gun, not ever again. This doesn’t just apply to California. It’s […]

The Different Types of Collateral Victorville Bail Bonds Accepts


Bail can be costly. When it’s more than what you can afford, you can contact Victorville Bail Bonds in San Bernardino County and apply for a bail bond. The fee for the bail bond is precisely 10% of the size of the bail bond you require. The bail bond fee must be paid by cash, […]

How to Prepare for Your Arraignment


You should take your arraignment very seriously. Not only is it the first time you’ll formally hear the charges you face and get to tell the court that you’re innocent or guilty, but it is also when the judge determines if you’ll be granted bail, how high that bail will be, and if any restrictions […]