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Things to Know Before Contacting a California Bail Bonds Agency

One of your loved ones has recently been arrested. You decide you want to help them out with bail, but you don’t have the full amount of bail that they require in your bank. When this happens, you are allowed to contact a California bail bonds agency on your loved one’s behalf, but before you […]

Can You Buy Cigarettes and Alcohol With an Expired ID?

We’ve all done it from time to time. We lose track of time and fail to renew our state identification when our birthday rolls around. Some of us don’t realize the oversite until we try to purchase cigarettes or alcohol and are denied because of our expired identification. If you’re the type of person to […]

Driving in California on a Suspended License

It’s important to understand that driving with an expired license is completely different than driving on a suspended license in California. An expired license is simply a license that you forgot to renew. While you will get a ticket if you’re caught driving on an expired license, that ticket is nothing compared to the trouble […]

I’m Out of Jail on a California Bail Bond. Can I Leave the State?