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Misusing a Disability Placard in California

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Disability placards aren’t something everyone in California can appropriate and use for their own purposes. Getting caught misusing a disability placard in California can land you on the wrong side of the law. If you think you can misuse a disability placard and not get caught, you should think again. It’s easy for police to […]

How Judges Come To The Decision On How Much Bail Will Be

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In each state, judges are responsible for setting bail amounts for arrested people. This is called a “bail schedule” and each bail price is based on the severity of the crime. When it comes to bail set for every individual, the price will also be based on whether the defendant has a prior criminal history, […]

Child Neglect Laws in the State of California


California’s lawmakers don’t have any patience for parents (or others) who neglect children. The topic of child neglect in California is addressed in Penal Code 270 PC. The defines child neglect as a parent’s (or guardian’s) failure to provide the child with the basic necessities the child needs in order to live a reasonable quality […]

What Happens if a Party Your Hosting Gets to Loud

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Everyone loves a good party, but sometimes a party can get out of hand. One of the biggest problems with parties is that they often get steadily louder as the party progresses. The issue is that the people who are attending the event rarely notice that the volume on the music keeps getting bumped up […]

Unlawful Imprisonment in California

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Despite what some people think, unlawful imprisonment in California doesn’t refer to someone who has been convicted of a crime they didn’t commit. Legally speaking, unlawful imprisonment is a charge that is filed against someone who is accused of holding another person against their will. It’s not unusual for an unlawful imprisonment charge to accompany […]