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What to do if You Find a Body in California


Many of us dread the idea of finding a human body. Wondering how we’d react in that exact moment and how badly the experience would haunt us is exactly the kind of thing that keeps up all night long. The good news is that most of us will make it through our entire lives without […]

Exhaust Modifications. Yay or Nay?

Abandoned Cars in California

One of the first things drivers who purchase a sportscar want to do is play with the exhaust. They want to hear the vehicle rumble and purr every time they turn it on. While the modified exhaust does alert every other driver on the road that they’re sharing the space with a tricked-out sports car, […]

The Ins and Outs of Employment Discrimination

Victorville Bail Bonds

If someone you either employ or who you decide not to hire believes that you’re discriminating against them based on race, gender, religion, or some other characteristic, you will find yourself in some serious legal trouble.   In the state of California, you’re not allowed to hold these characteristics against any of your current or […]

Secret Home Surveillance and the Fourth Amendment

Victorville Bail Bonds

  The Fourth Amendment was designed to protect people while they were in the comfort of their own home. It prevents law enforcement from entering the home without a warrant. The problem with the Fourth Amendment was that it was written and signed into law long before secret video surveillance was even possible. Many people […]

What Does DUI Stand For?

Speeding in California

Just about every driver out there has heard of the term DUI. They know that it is something that they never want to receive and that it has something to do with drinking and driving. What many people may not realize is that DUI covers a whole lot more than drinking and driving. In fact […]