Can I Set Off My Own Fireworks On July 4th?




ireworks are an essential component to July 4th and New Year celebrations. Cities will organize official fireworks shows that thousands of people gather to watch in awe. Family and friends who have their own 4th of July parties at home can also have their own fireworks, but they are very limited to what types of fireworks they are allowed to have.

The general public may only purchase certain types of fireworks, ones that are categorized as “safe and sane” fireworks. They must be purchased through a licensed vendor, who may only sell these between June 28 and July 6. A person must be at least 16 years old to make a fireworks purchase.

When it is nearly time to light the fireworks, the people at the party should be aware of the safety rules. First, read the instructions on the fireworks package. It will tell you that fireworks must be discharged outdoors only. In addition, fireworks should not be set off near gas sources and other flammable materials. A wide open space is ideal, and having a bucket of water or a hose nearby is handy.

If minors are going to be handling fireworks at all, adults need to be present. A mishandled firework can lead to an accident with serious injury or even death. The adult being charged for the misuse of fireworks, would face serious consequences, including prison time. This is no way anyone would want their 4th of July to end up. Knowing the worst consequences can and should be reason for a person to fully understand the safety rules for using fireworks at their celebration.

That being said, private citizens are generally allowed to use certain fireworks at their 4th July parties, as long as they follow the rules and restrictions that are imposed by their city or county.