Robbery in California

Robbery in California

In California, it’s possible to be charged with three different types of robbery. They’re: First-degree robbery Second-degree robbery Third-degree robbery   What is First-Degree Robbery California lawmakers discussed robbery in the first degree in the California Penal Code 211. This is a felony charge that is filed against you when the police uncover evidence that […]

Owning a Gun After a Felony Conviction


S ome people don’t realize that they lose the right to own a gun after they’ve been convicted of a felony. It doesn’t matter what type of felony you were convicted of, once that is on your record you’re not allowed to own a gun, not ever again. This doesn’t just apply to California. It’s […]

The Legal Ins and Outs of Internet Trolling


The internet, particularly social media sites, provide people with an opportunity to share their opinions on a variety of topics. In many cases, this leads to a lively and thought-provoking debate. At other times, it brings out internet trolls.   What is Internet Trolling? An internet-troll is someone who jumps into an online conversation and […]

What Happens When you Bounce a Check in California

Bounce a Check in California

We all make mistakes. One of the mistakes that many of us have made at one time or another is not checking our account before writing a check. As a result, the check bounces and you face a series of problems. The good news is that in most cases, the consequences of writing a bad […]

Driving on a Suspended License in California

Driving on a Suspended License in California

Several California drivers have found that they didn’t fully appreciate how much independence they enjoyed as a result of their driver’s license until the state suspended that license, making it impossible for the person to drive themselves.   Why California Driver’s Licenses Are Suspended There are a variety of reasons your California driver’s license could […]