Ignoring and Disobeying Traffic Signal in California Cities

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Believe it or not, the State of California didn’t put up traffic signs, signals, and lights simply to make your commute more difficult. Despite what it may feel like some days, the traffic signals weren’t created as some sort of vendetta against you. The truth is that they exist because the state’s traffic experts noticed […]

What Can Happen If You Forge Credit Card Information?


Credit cards make life easier. While it would be nice if we could live on our weekly earnings, most of the time that simply isn’t possible. The credit card allows us to cover emergencies and other purchases during that times when we simply don’t have enough money for those expenses. Credit cards can also get […]

If You Don’t Provide a Driver’s License What Can Happen?

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Here’s the thing. Driving is considered a privilege, not a right. That little laminated card you receive from the DMV is what tells everyone, including a patrol officer who pulls you over, that you have been granted the privilege of operating a motor vehicle on the California streets. If you’ve been pulled over for some […]

Some of the Most Expensive Bail in U.S. History

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On average, bail amounts equate to roughly $10,000. If you think this is expensive, you ought to check out some of the most expensive bail in U.S. history: Raj Rajaratnam, $100 million bail. He was involved in a $20 million insider-trading scheme. Bernie Madoff, $10 million bail. He was involved in the $50 billion Ponzi […]

Help Protect Your Rights with A Better Bail Bonds

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You have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. These are the rights for people who are arrested for any crime. These rights weren’t always in place and so fundamentally crucial to the people who get arrested. These rights came about following the 1966 case of Miranda v. Arizona. What happened […]