Online Bail Program Offered at Stockton Bail Bonds

If you want us to provide the bail for your loved one, the next step is going through our online bail application process. Since our bail expert has already discussed the situation, it doesn’t take long to approve the online bail application. Once you’ve completed the application, we review it and discuss bail payment plans. In addition to the signed contract, we’ll also need a photo of your driver’s license or state-issued identification card.


Stockton Bail Bonds Does Not Need Collateral, San Joaquin County


Get Bailed Out of Jail

Getting bailed out of jail isn’t a complicated process, but there are little challenges that can be frustrating if you don’t know the system. Each of these challenges can slow down the process, forcing you to sit in a cell even longer. Everyone at Stockton Bail Bonds is familiar with all the local jails, the various quirks of each one, and has the resources needed to make the process of bailing you out go as smoothly and quickly as possible.


Bail Bonds Contracts

Whether you pay your bail yourself or we assist you, there are a few things you need to know before you sign your bail bond contact. If you fail to show up and Stockton Bail Bonds covers the bail, we have no choice but to find you and bring you back to jail at which point you’ll be arrested. If you suspect you can’t make a court date, contact the court (and us) right away and start making arrangements. In some cases, the court might be willing to reschedule.


Frequently Asked Question

How much does a bail bond cost? The exact price of a bail bond varies from case to case. However, all of our bail bonds cost 10% of the bail that they are for. This means that if someone’s bail is set at $20,000, then the bail bond will only cost $2,000.

Flexible Payment Plans with Stockton Bail Bonds 

The size of the payments themselves will be dependent on the bail bond itself and what you can afford. If you have good co-signers with you, then you can get better monthly payment options. Co-signers with approved credit can qualify for a 0% down. This means that they won’t have to make a payment on the bail bonds until up to a month after their loved one was released from jail.

To learn more and talk to a professional bail agent, just call 209-466-2347 or Chat With Us now.


Stockton Bail Bonds is a professional, statewide bail bond company that has been taking care of Californians for over 30 years. We know exactly how to help you. Our agents will work harder for you than any other bail agent in the state.

When you chose Stockton Bail Bonds, you’ll enjoy:

We want you to be released from jail and reunited with your loved ones as quickly as possible.

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Abetter Bail Bonds


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ABetter Bail Bonds in Stockton is the Right Choice for You

Our skilled and helpful bail agents make bailing your loved one quick and easy. As soon as you call, just give one of our agents the name of the person you are trying to bail out, his or her birthday, and the county where the arrest took place. They will search through the different databases to find your loved one and gather the rest of the needed information to start the bail process.

The biggest advantage is that you’re only responsible for paying our fee, which is only 10% of the required bond. If you’re struggling to come up with the 10%, we have a zero-interest payment plan that includes flexible payments that you will be interested in.

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