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Abetter Bail Bonds

Flexible Payment Options

If you have good co-signers with you, then you can get better monthly payment options. Co-signers with approved credit can qualify for a 0% down. This means that they won’t have to make a payment on the bail bonds until up to a month after their loved one was released from jail.

Bail Agents Always Available

Any time you need a bail bond, whether it is 3 PM on a Friday afternoon or 3 AM on Christmas Day, you can count on French Camp Bail Bonds to answer your call. We are committed to providing you the best bail bond service in all of California.

zero down bail bonds

Zero Down Bail Bonds

Despite that, there is no need to worry. Here at French Camp Bail Bonds, we do everything we can to make bailing someone out of jail and affordable experience. We work with each of our clients to create a payment plan that works with their unique budget. With our help, you will be able to afford to rescue your friend or family member from jail.

Easy Payment Plan At French Camp Bail Bonds

Here at French Camp Bail Bonds, our bonds only cost 10% of the bail they are for. In addition to this discount, we provide all of our clients with personalized payment plans. These plans break up the cost of the bail bond into small monthly payments that you can actually afford. Each payment plan that we make is customized to work with that client’s unique budget.


Most Reliable Bail Bond Agency to Pick in French Camp

When it comes to a California bail bond agency, it pays to spend a little time shopping around and choosing the one that has a reputation for providing reliable, high-quality service.There are several things you can look at that indicate you’re dealing with a high-quality bail bonds agency, make sure to look at the services they provide.

When you chose French Camp Bail Bonds, you’ll enjoy:

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I’m very expressed how fast and reliable this bail bonds. I needed help right away for a family member in and they were there right when I needed them. They are professional and knowledgeable! I’d definitely recommend A Better Bail Bond Agency! Thank you.

– Pritti Gladz

Had a great experience. They’re amazing! They’re not like any other bail bonds. They’re very caring about your situation and act fast. Thank you A BETTER BAIL BONDS STOCKTON. I stongly recommend them.

– Ariane Wales

If your looking for reliable bail services this is definitely the company to go through. Their customer service was great and the bail agent that helped me was very informative and helpful. Thank you for helping bail out good friend. Hope I won’t need the service again but now I know who to go for help.

– Divina Gutierrez 


What to do if Your Rights are Violated

If you feel like your rights have been violated, you certainly have the right to investigate and file a complaint! The police are supposed to protect rights but occasionally they overstep their authority. If you believe this happened to you, know this:

  • Write down everything you remember
  • Take note of the officer’s name, badge, patrol car numbers
  • Get information and any digital evidence (photos, videos taken on cell phones) from any witnesses
  • Take photographs of any injuries or damages to property
  • Don’t physically resist an officer
  • If there are any security cameras from nearby shops and businesses, you can try asking the owners to see the footage
  • File a written complaint with Internal Affairs. You may do so anonymously if you wish

You should be protecting your rights and if yours are absolutely being violated, do not be ashamed to make a report.

If you are arrested during your confrontation, please call French Camp Bail Bonds at 209-466-2347 so we can help bail you out of jail. We want to help you protect your rights too, so let us help!